Our Services

RBW offers a variety of services to our valued clients, delivered with local knowledge and practical experience to help their business succeed in today's ever-changing environment. Our services include audit & assurance, taxation and business advisory services.


Depending on the need of your company or organization, we can offer audited, review engagement or notice to reader financial statements.

Corporate Tax Preparation

Together with your annual financial statements or as a stand-alone item, we offer preparation of corporate tax returns. For non-profit/charitable organizations, this may involve preparation of a charitable information return.

Small Business Applications & Solutions

Our application consultant, Mike Duerden, can install, train and support users of small business accounting solutions including Sage 50 and QuickBooks. This service can include monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews of accounting information such as accuracy of government remittances.

We can also review your internal accounting processes, if desired, to ensure the most effective way of record keeping and generating accurate financial information for your business.

Personal Tax Preparation

We understand that not everyone likes preparing his or her personal tax return. Let us help. We view this as an integral service to help with the overall tax planning for our corporate clients and if there is uncertainty or complexity in your personal taxes, please consider using this service offered by RBW LLP.

Cash Flow Planning | Budgeting

Building a strong business involves setting goals and planning your cash flows with a budget that reflects the plans you are working to achieve. We can help you set budgets or review and comment on budgets that you or your staff has created

Business Plans

If you are starting a business, seeking financing or planning a significant change in your business or organization, we can assist you with writing a business plan that will address the questions and concerns of your stakeholders.

Tax Planning & Corporate Reorganizations

Once you have established a company, the planning is only beginning. Our tax system in Canada is designed in such a way that you should plan your personal and corporate tax strategy annually, including how you pay yourself. As federal and provincial budgets change, your plan may need to change.

Certain events may also dictate a corporate reorganization of an established company. Introducing new owners, selling a business or part of a business, and accumulating wealth, are all matters that could require a reorganization and advice of your accountant, financial planner and lawyer.