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Small business accounting applications & solutions

Mike Duerden, Manager, Client Accounting Services, offers a unique service to our clients being installation, training and support of small business accounting solutions including Sage 50 (desktop) and QuickBooks (desktop and online). Other services can include monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of accounting information such as accuracy of government remittances and reporting.

Mike and his team can also review your internal accounting processes, if desired, to ensure the most effective way of record keeping and generating accurate financial information for your business.

Mike works one on one with business owners to ensure they have a thorough understanding of their internal books and records and the mechanics of the software. He can offer as much or as little assistance as needed, depending on the trainee.

Invest in the success of your business by committing time to understanding your internal accounting records. Whether you are a brand-new business owner with limited to no experience in accounting record keeping or are just looking for a refresh on best practices, Mike’s your guy!

Manager, Client Accounting Services