Corporate Social Responsibility


As a local Niagara business, helping to strengthen our community is part of our core values. We have seen organizations that have achieved remarkable things tend to be the ones that share success with others, instinctively. We as a firm have taken steps to develop an initial policy that engages us to govern with honesty, transparency, and have a positive impact on social and environmental wellbeing in Niagara.


RBW practices social responsibility by committing to local and national charities for the betterment of community.

We treat our employees fairly and ethically and invite them to demonstrate their own corporate social responsibility. We lead by example and are volunteers as individuals and collectively. Doing good deeds is not a once-a-year random act, but rather a belief at the heart of our firm. When working with RBW we commit to giving back to our Not For Profit, Charitable Clients. Based on client value thresholds we provide our most competitive rates and a charitable donation back to the organization annually. For fees under the $4,500 threshold, we commit to donate $500 to the client organization. For clients with fees over this threshold, we agree on a percentage of the annual working budget at the outset, up to $1,000 as a donation. We are completely committed to ensuring our professionalism and services support the strength of the organizations we work with, and our CSR policy allows us to deliver added benefits to those organizations we align our support to.

For more information on our policy and to request a quote for engagement, please contact: